Pianos are often labelled as a “heavy item” by removalists and manhandled accordingly. However, pianos are a precious musical instrument that often has sentimental as well as monetary value; we have the specialist equipment and training to complete successful piano removals.

Trained in moving and dismantling pianos by two premier piano stores located in Perth and a musician and music store owner located in Bunbury for over 70 years, our staff are confident and experienced in their ability to move all pianos.

Our removers are happy to move your piano internally in the building or to new premises and will provide you with the service and equipment to complete this successfully.  We can even organise a crane to have your piano placed in multi-story residences and building!

We have moved the concert grand piano from The Perth Concert Hall and grand pianos for various musical extravaganzas in the South West including Leeuwin Concert, Jalbrook and Bridgetown Blues.

Dardanup Removals has specialised trolleys, wraps and harnesses purpose built for piano removals.

At Dardanup Removals, we understand that moving your piano whether it is brand new or over 100 years old requires experience, patience and care from our team.

Prompt service

We understand that you don't have all day to wait around for us. This is why we guarantee that we will show up to each job on time. Once we arrive you can expect us to work quickly and efficiently using our experience and training to transport your precious investment. Our piano removals team is very experienced and have developed efficient methods for moving.

We handle your piano with care

You can trust that we will handle your items with care. We are experienced in dealing with expensive and fragile instruments and take special care with piano removals. When we move your piano, we treat it like our own. Contact our team for a quote or a query – we are happy to help!

Domestic or commercial

We have the experience to handle large-scale commercial moves including music studios and stores. These types of jobs require the utmost in organisation, experience and training. All of our trucks carry piano trolleys and we have specialist equipment located in our depot to accommodate your needs.

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